August 23, 2005
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What's New

The owners of Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply are creating a new website exclusively for owners of small janitorial cleaning companies who want to build a more profitable and successful business.

We'd like your input on a short survey about what you'd like to see at our new website,

To take the survey, go here.


Membership Has Its

The Janitorial Store is coming soon! Here are just a few of the advantages for becoming a member of The Janitorial Store...
  • Members Only Bidding Calculators
  • F.r.e.e Downloadable Forms
  • F.r.e.e Live Tele-Seminars with Industry Experts
  • F.r.e.e Telephone Discussion Forums
  • Online Discussion Forum
  • And much more...!


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Trash Talk: Tip of the Week

Welcome to the first edition of Trash Talk! You're receiving this newsletter because you requested it through our sign up box at

We're late with our first issue because we've been diligently working on our new website, It's not quite ready yet, but we'll let you know as soon as it is.

For more information, check out the What's New section.

Tip of the Week:
Tips for Smart Hiring of Cleaning Personnel

As employers we tend to think that our opinion of the applicant is the only thing that's important. But if we want to attract top candidates we need to think about the image we portray to applicants during the interview process.

Consider these tips when preparing to conduct interviews:

  • Eliminate distractions during the interview. Keep your desk clear of clutter, don't answer the phone, and don't allow other employees to interrupt.

  • Establish a good rapport with the applicant when starting the interview. Make the person more comfortable by starting with some small talk, getting them to open up to you.

  • Make sure your job descriptions are up to date, including the position's responsibilities, the knowledge, skills, and experience required of the applicant.

  • Have a prepared list of interview questions. The more familiar you are with the questions, the better able you'll be able to focus on listening to the applicant's responses. Plus you'll be able to compare responses of each candidate.

  • Ask open-ended questions, avoiding the "yes" or "no" close-ended questions. Ask things like, "Give me an example of a time when...", or "Describe for me..."

  • Stay focused on asking job-related questions. Stay away for personal questions like, "Do you have a baby sitter"? These are potentially discriminating types of questions.

  • Do more listening than talking. It's hard to judge how an applicant will perform on the job when you do all the talking!

  • Take notes during the interview. It'll be helpful to you when comparing a number of candidates for the same position.

  • Allow plenty of time for each interview, and set up second interviews with one of your supervisors or a trusted employee in order to get a second opinion.

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