August 30, 2005
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What's New

The owners of Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply are creating a new website exclusively for owners of small janitorial cleaning companies who want to build a more profitable and successful business.

We'd like your input on a short survey about what you'd like to see at our new website,

To take the survey, go here.


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The Janitorial Store is coming soon! Here are just a few of the advantages for becoming a member of The Janitorial Store...
  • Members Only Bidding Calculators
  • F.r.e.e Downloadable Forms
  • F.r.e.e Live Tele-Seminars with Industry Experts
  • F.r.e.e Telephone Discussion Forums
  • Online Discussion Forum
  • And much more...!


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Trash Talk: Tip of the Week

Welcome to the first edition of Trash Talk! You're receiving this newsletter because you requested it through our sign up box at

We're late with our first issue because we've been diligently working on our new website, It's not quite ready yet, but we'll let you know as soon as it is.

For more information, check out the What's New section.

Tip of the Week:
Office Etiquette for Cleaning Staff

Company policies are developed in order to keep all cleaning staff on the same page. New employees are often-times unaware of the proper behavior, or "office etiquette", while on the job. Even long-time employees sometimes forget some of the simple "do's and don'ts" of on-the-job behavior.

The following tips should be covered with new employees and re-emphasized with long-tem employees:

  1. Do NOT use any property of the client. This includes copy machines, fax machines, computers, radios, stereos, calculators, etc.
  2. Do NOT turn on/off any equipment belonging to the client while carrying out your duties.
  3. NEVER sit at desks, or open any drawers, doors, cabinets, or any container not directly involved in the performance of your work.
  4. It is NOT appropriate for cleaning staff to read books or examine papers in offices or on desks.
  5. NEVER bring children, family, or friends to work.
  6. Do NOT eat or drink any food, candy, snacks, sodas, etc. that are in the offices including candy sitting at the receptionist desk this is client property and is for their employees and customers.

    It is ok to purchase a soda or snack out of a vending machine, as long as it is not being consumed in the offices where you are cleaning.
  7. Do NOT make personal calls from any telephone in the offices. If you use a telephone timekeeping system, there should be a designated phone that is approved for timekeeping or emergency use. Otherwise, check with your supervisor on proper procedures for phone use.
  8. Do NOT take anything that has been thrown away by the client. Misunderstandings can result in cleaning staff being accused of theft.

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Steve and Jean Hanson are owners of Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply, and The Janitorial Store
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The Hansons have owned two successful commercial cleaning companies since the 1980's, and decided to create a community to help other small cleaning companies grow their businesses and become more successful. The Janitorial Store (TM) is an online community designed exclusively for the owners of small cleaning companies and is coming soon to

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