December 27, 2005
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Protect Your Cleaning Business With the Proper Insurance - Proper business planning includes thinking about your insurance needs. Too many companies don't think about their insurance policies until something happens. Unless you are prepared ahead of time that something might not be covered in your policy. As a cleaning company you have unique situations that should be covered by insurance...

Vacuuming for Health - Besides making a building look cleaner, proper vacuuming keeps a building "healthy"...

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Tip of the Week:
What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

We all use vacuums in our cleaning businesses, but what do you need to consider when buying a new vacuum cleaner? First, look for one that is durable, efficient and produces good results. Although there are several different types of vacuums on the market, you will probably either need a backpack or upright vacuum in the buildings you are cleaning.

When thinking of which type of vacuum best fits your needs, first look at how it will be used. If you do a lot of vacuuming, a machine that is lightweight, powerful, flexible, and quiet is a good choice. If you vacuum stairwells and other tight areas, a backpack vacuum is your best choice.

Also look at the ergonomic design of the vacuum. This means the vacuum will fit the worker and not the worker adjusting to the machine. An ergonomic machine will be lightweight, have easy access to controls, and padded grips. However, even though backpack vacuums are light and designed to fit the worker, some employees may not adjust to wearing a vacuum cleaner on their back.

The cleaning system being used also has a bearing on your choice of vacuum. For team cleaning, a backpack vacuum is most often selected. If you are cleaning buildings during working hours, the quietest machine available is your best choice.

As far as cleaning abilities, in a study done by Quest, an independent test firm in Denver, Colorado, the backpack performed slightly better than the upright. When used properly both vacuums were determined not to have a negative ergonomic impact on workers.

Before making your final decision, look at the cost of replacement filters and bags. Both will need to be replaced occasionally to keep the vacuum working efficiently. Also, lower priced vacuums that you buy at the big box retail stores are not durable enough for commercial cleaning, so shop at your local janitorial supply house. Be prepared to pay a little more and get a higher quality machine.

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