September 27, 2005
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Tip of the Week:
What's in Your Carpet Spotting Kit?

If you offer carpet spotting as a service in your cleaning business, you should have a professional spotting kit. Here’s a list of what should be included in your kit:

  • Spotting Tool Box to hold all chemicals and tools.

  • Blotting towels. Use to transfer spots. Use white towels only. Colored towels may leave dye on the carpet.

  • Bone scraper. Use for breaking up hard or crusty material by agitating the chemical on the spot. Whalebone is best.

  • Q-tips. Use for applying small amounts of chemical.

  • pH Test Strips. Use for testing the alkalinity or acidity of a spot.

  • Spotting brush/ tamping brush. Short, stiff-bristled brush, use for tamping (not scrubbing) spots and stains.

  • Duck Bill Scissors. Use for taking samples of carpet fibers and trimming loose ends.

  • Flip top bottles. For easy application of chemical.

  • Trigger Sprayer. Use for applying chemical to larger spots.

  • Standard spotting chemicals:
    • ADS - Alkaline Detergent Solution - Use for removal of acid-based stains.
    • NDS - Neutral detergent solution - Neutral in pH and will not leave residue.
    • VDS - Volatile Dry Solvent - For removal of oil, tar, and grease. Also use to rinse (NVDS).
    • NVDS - Non-volatile Dry Solvent - Use for removal of paint, grease, and gum. Allows more time on spot without evaporating.
    • Acid Spotter - Use for removal of alkaline spots and browning.
    • Rust Remover - Hydrofluoric acid solution for removing rust.

Remember: do not rub or scrub spots because this may result in spreading the spot and fuzzing of the carpet.

Download a Spotting Chart Here

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