September 6, 2005
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What's New

The owners of Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply are creating a new website exclusively for owners of small janitorial cleaning companies who want to build a more profitable and successful business.

We'd like your input on a short survey about what you'd like to see at our new website,

If you haven't taken the survey yet, please go here


Membership Has Its

The Janitorial Store is coming soon! Here are just a few of the advantages for becoming a member of The Janitorial Store...
  • Members Only Bidding Calculators
  • F.r.e.e Downloadable Forms
  • F.r.e.e Live Tele-Seminars with Industry Experts
  • F.r.e.e Telephone Discussion Forums
  • Online Discussion Forum
  • And much more...!


Trash Talk: Tip of the Week

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Tip of the Week:
Carpet Spots that Magically Reappear

Help! I removed a spot on my customer's carpet, but now it's come back! What can I do?

Sometimes when we remove a spot, it will reappear upon drying, or over time. This usually happens because residue from the original spot was not completely removed, or the the cleaner that was used was not thoroughly rinsed and left some residue.

Sometimes spots will reappear due to "wicking". This means that the spot was not completely flushed out of the carpet's backing, and wicks back up to the carpet's surface.

If a spot reappears, re-wet it with a small amount of water and place a thick, dry, white cotton towel over it. Then place an even weight, such as a heavy book on the towel and let it sit overnight. This will cause the spot to wick up into the towel.

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About Us

Steve and Jean Hanson are owners of Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply, and The Janitorial Store
(TM). Brainerd Lakes Cleaning and Supply is a commercial cleaning company and janitorial supplies company located in Brainerd, Minnesota. If you live in the Brainerd Lakes area, visit

The Hansons have owned two successful commercial cleaning companies since the 1980's, and decided to create a community to help other small cleaning companies grow their businesses and become more successful. The Janitorial Store (TM) is an online community designed exclusively for the owners of small cleaning companies and is coming soon to

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